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Taking Care of an Arowana: Top Tips


An adventure to Southeast Asia is never a dull one. The environment and atmosphere of this part of the world seems to be totally different than anywhere else. Other than the sites, sounds, and flavors of the culture, the climate and topography immediately jerk you out of any northern or western hemisphere haze to which you might be accustomed.

On my first trip to this part of the world, I felt totally overwhelmed by the culture and people (in a good way). However, I was more in shock with the natural wildlife that existed in this region of the world. They had animals here that I had only heard of or read about in books. It was here that I discovered a host of amazing tropical fish in their natural habitats.

This blew me away because before I had only seen them on display at an aquarium. I soon learned that some of these fish have now become acceptable to own as pets in your home.

I knew immediately that I wanted to get a tropical fish to raise in my domicile. More specifically, I knew exactly what kind of fish I was going to get. That fish is the arowana.

The arowana’s name comes from Indonesia. In a certain Indonesian dialect, the name means “fish of paradise.” How appropriate, I thought. This fish truly represents the beauty and tranquility of this incredible part of the world. Its beauty is also matched by some of its natural abilities; for example, this animal can jump up to six feet out of the water to catch prey. That’s quite a feat!

Of course, raising and caring for an arowana fish was a challenge that was entirely new to me. I think that in retrospect, I was grossly underprepared for the task. However, I had some major help along the way from a life saving resource. This help came in the form of the Arowana Guide. I hate to think about things this way, but without it, I’m pretty sure that my beloved pet might not be alive.

If you want to become a great arowana master as well, there is good news for you. This great book on caring for this fish is available to purchase. In this article on this blog, I’ll go into a little bit of a review on what you’ll find in this guide. I’m sure you’ll see why it’s essential for the aspiring (or current) arowana owner.

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My Arowana Adventure: Before and After the Guide


Fish Enthusiast

I’ve always loved fish. When I was a kid, my dad would take me to go fishing at a nearby river and we would catch all sorts of fish. I always dreamt of catching one and taking it back home, but unfortunately, that never happened. I did, however, end up owning a couple of goldfish and some guppies growing up.

When I finally got out of my parent’s house on my own, I wanted to get some sort of crazy exotic fish. I wanted to take the time to really figure out which kind of fish I wanted, so I waited and contemplated.

It was then during college that I ended up taking a trip to southeast Asia to do a study abroad in environmental science. I discovered the arowana and fell in love with it. I got one as soon as I came back to the United States.

I was very excited to have a new fish friend, but I found myself a complete novice for this type of animal. My arowana behaved a certain way that made me very confused. For example, it would dart around or hide at times. Additionally, it seemed to be quite hostile to any other kind of fish that I put in the tank.

I asked one of my marine biology professors about this and he referred me to the Arowana Guide. He said that this guide would contain all of the information I would need to correct behavior and address potentially dangerous symptoms that my fish was showing.

It was after I got this guide that things began to turn around for my fish and me. Our relationship improved and I could see it growing to be healthier and happier by the day. This was because I followed some of the great advice that this handbook gives, such as:

  • Where to get the right aquarium supplies
  • Where to find the best arowanas for sale
  • Which fish are compatible with the arowana
  • Getting the arowana on the right diet

I’ll explain more of this in my review below. Keep reading!

Arowana Guide Review

Arowana Fish SECRETS Revealed Learn Insider Arowana Care Tips

Best of the Best

Out of curiosity, I ended up exploring some other guides after I got this one just to see what they had to offer. What I can say now is that there is no guide that comes even close to providing all of the necessary and correct information about arowanas. I feel incredibly lucky to have had such an insightful professor who directed me to the ultimate handbook for arowana care.

Cutting Edge (and Useful) Advice

This guide gives advice that is right on the money. What is more, it actually works! Many of the methods that I’ve tested in this guide have been successful, such as:

  • Knowing the difference between an Asian arowana and an Australian one
  • Ways to keep the water just right for your arowana
  • How to spot illness quickly
  • How to get the right shine and color in your arowana

Buyer’s Tips

This guide also comes with a host of important criteria to take into consideration when you are browsing tropical fish for sale. I learned that you should buy just any old arowana that is for sale. You might be getting cheated!



All in all, the Arowana Guide is an unbeatable purchase if you are looking into getting and owning a great tropical fish. I can’t think of any other instructional literature that goes as in depth and is as easy to read and understand as this book.

If you’re already sold on getting it, here’s another things to rejoice about – it’s so cheap! You would think with all of the information and time put into writing this groundbreaking guide that the price tag would be pretty hefty. However, you would be wrong! This book is available for the equivalent of chump change.

If you’re serious about getting an arowana, then you owe it to yourself (and your future fish friend!) to snag a copy of this awesome guide. You’ll be happy that you got yourself this treasure trove of pertinent information.

I’m now on the other side of fish ownership. I had one fish to start but after reading this guide I now have several tanks of arowanas. I’m considering getting breeding certification so that I can put up some of these fish for sale! You could be this way too if you’d only get the guide. What are you waiting for! Go do it!

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