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Tips & Tricks: Caring for Your Bearded Dragon



If you’ve chosen to own some sort of reptile as a pet, there is no doubt that you have an affinity for going off the beaten path. Instead of owning something common like a dog, cat, or even a gerbil or rabbit, you have something like a snake or a lizard.

While this can definitely be fun, having a reptile for a pet calls for an entirely different approach to care. There are so many incorrect ways to go about caring for a reptile or lizard, but treating them like any other ordinary pet is on the top list of egregious pet care errors.

Owning a bearded dragon can be a fun filled and enriching experience. These animals are remarkable lizards and can attract both the attention and admiration of anyone.

Like other lizards, bearded dragon care is complicated and takes a lot of work and research. These dragon lizards have complex health systems that hang delicately in the balance when they are out of their natural habitat.

Having owned several bearded dragon pets, I know the amount of time and effort goes into making your scaly friend feel at home. However, my road to providing adequate care to my lizard was a long journey. There were many periods of trial and error. Oftentimes, it was difficult for me to find what worked and what didn’t. I used a lot of resources, but in the end, there was really only one that worked for me. The Bearded Dragon Guide is a comprehensive guide that will provide all you ever need to know about caring for a bearded dragon as a pet. It also has cutting edge insight into what age old methods work and what ones don’t.

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My Story


Even as a little kid growing up, I found that I enjoyed the company of so called “weird” pets. Sure, I had fun with cats and dogs, but I always liked to take a walk on the wild side. For example, when I was eleven years old, I saved up my allowances for several years in order to buy a snake for a pet. The second I got that reptile in a terrarium in my room, I was in a state of elation. I loved the sedentary and pensive lifestyles of reptiles. They always seem to spring into action at the right time.

When I got out of college, I got my first bearded dragon as a pet. I named him Archie and was stoked to have him in my home. The first few months of owning Archie were absolute bliss. It seemed like we were getting along fine and that he was thriving in his new environment. However, after a while, I noticed that his behavior started changing a little bit.

I noticed that when friends would come over to see Archie, he would act a little bit aggressively towards them. This change in behavior was alarming to me, as he was usually sweet and mild mannered. I began to do some research into what might be causing this type of behavior.

After doing several weeks of research with no questions answered, I was starting to get worried. I tried several pieces of advices from different kinds of care guides, but nothing really seemed to work. However, out of the blue, I stumbled about the Bearded Dragon Guide, and it seemed like the light had gone on upstairs. There were symptoms listed in the guide that matched some of the behavioral patterns that I was seeing. Finally, I noticed a slew of other symptoms that I was missing, such as:

  • Runny Eyes
  • Lack of Energy
  • Has a Dullness of Color
  • Attacks the Cage

This guide illuminated so many pertinent things about bearded dragon care to me that I would recommend it highly to anyone. Below, you can find a review that I’ve done on this website for this product.

Bearded Dragon Guide Review


Of all of the guides that I have checked out in reference to caring for this species of lizard, I have not found one that goes as in depth or is as insightful as this guide. There were several things that I learned in the process of dissecting this guide that I did not know before. Among those things were:

  • Certified locations where bearded dragons are for sale + cost
  • Placement of a bearded dragon cage
  • How to customize your bearded dragon’s diet
  • Where to get supplies
  • Behaviors to watch out for with bearded dragon babies and adults

One of the things that I absolutely love about this guide is the level of detail that is discussed within the guide. There are so many characteristics about bearded dragons that many owners overlook simply because they have no idea that those characteristics exist! However, knowing about these characteristics gives owners a command over caring for their animal friends in ways that other ignorant owners (such as myself before I read this guide) may not even know!

This guide definitely took my knowledge of bearded dragon care to the next level. After following these tips, I saw immediate results with my dear Archie. Since owning Archie, I have owned other bearded dragons and have helped new owners with getting their bearded dragons settled into their homes. I’m sure that the right amount of care has been instrumental in increasing the lifespan of these incredible creatures.



All in all, I would say that the Bearded Dragon Guide is a must have for anybody who is remotely serious about owning a bearded dragon as a pet. This informative piece of literature has given me so much more confidence in my ability to care for my dragon lizard pet. In addition, my increased confidence has led to more fun and a better relationship with my bearded dragons.

If you are considering getting a bearded dragon as a pet or already own one, then don’t hesitate to grab this guide. It is truly the way, the truth, and the life!

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