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Betta Fish Care: Leading Methods


When it comes to owning fish as pets, many people want a fish that will capture your attention from across the room. The right kind of fish in the aquarium can provide both hours of entertainment as well as set the atmosphere for almost any room.

While there are many ways that you can go to choose a fish, there are certainly options that are more popular than others. One such popular option is the siamese fighting fish, which is also known as the betta fish. The betta, whose common name comes from its scientific name Betta splendens, is known for both its brilliant colors and feisty personality.

These fish are very territorial and it can be a bad idea to put two males in the same fish tank. They will tear each other apart! Their fighting tendency has been exacerbated through years of breeding for fighting, dating back hundreds of years in Thailand and Siam.

This tradition of breeding and fighting became so popular in this area at that time that these fighter fish finally made their way to Europe after the rapid colonial expansion of European countries into Asia.

The popularity of these fish spread as they become beloved pets to many owners around the world. Today, they are among the most popular fish to own in the world.

As an owner of several betta fish, I can attest to how entertaining they are to have as pets. However, although entertaining, these fish certainly require a lot of hard work and care. I’ve owned plenty of other fish as well, but I must say I was a bit overwhelmed when I got these fish in the tank.

Although I was an inexperienced betta owner, I was able to become a skilled and knowledgeable fighting fish care taker with the help of the Beta Fish Care Guide. This amazing handbook allowed me to get the information I needed right away in order to properly care for my beta fish pets. Keep reading for more information on how this great book was my life saver in my betta fish owning journey.

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My Story: Before and After the Guide


Like I said before, I was not a stranger to fish before owning bettas. I had grown up with pet fish almost all of my life (I got a goldfish when I was five). I figured that getting a betta fish or two would be no different from any of the other fish that I had own.

Never could I have been more gravely mistaken! Within a few weeks of owning my first betta fish, one of them died. I was completely devastated. I did everything that I thought a good fish owner was supposed to do. However, my beloved beta fish had bitten the proverbial dust in a mater of weeks! Was it because I was a bad pet owner?

These thoughts swirled around in my head for days. Then, disaster struck again. Another one of my betta fish died. This time I was in disbelief. I had done research and looked up guides on how to care for bettas. I even changed them out of a five gallon tank and put them in a specialized beta fish tank. I didn’t know what could possibly be going wrong.

Even though I was very discouraged by the death of these two beloved fish, I was determined to get to the bottom of betta fish care. I wanted to know the ins and outs of taking care of these magnificent creatures. So, I dove even deeper into the internet, scouring care blogs and other fish pet related pages.

No information that I found seemed new or even remotely helpful until I stumbled upon a link to buy the Beta Fish Care Guide. It was cheap and looked promising so I decided, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

This was the turning point in my betta fish owning history. From there on out, I began to uncover the untold truths about caring for betta fish and how to read their health and behavior. I was able to spot and treat symptoms like:

  • Being sluggish
  • Having shredded fins
  • Having cloudy eyes
  • Showing a lack of color or vibrancy
  • Displaying betta fish fin rot

The ability to understand betta fish more deeply turned me into someone who was able to handle a variety of different scenarios with betta fish and deal with them appropriately. If you are a current betta fish owner and want to have this kind of knowledge, then tap into the fountain of information that is this guide. Below, I’ll give you a short review of what this instructional piece of literature has to offer. Stay tuned!

Betta Fish Care Guide Review

Betta Fish Learn How to Give Your Betta a Great Life

Info from the experts

One of the things that I appreciate the most about this amazing guide is that it offers information from people who have dedicated their lives to caring and researching betta fish. They’ve amassed a treasure trove of useful information that will illuminate your path to betta fish care enlightenment. From reading this book, I’ve learned such things as:

  • The perfect temperature for your betta fish to thrive in
  • 9 simple rules that will allow bettas to live with other fish
  • Types of bettas that are best for owning (halfmoon bettas, etc.)
  • What kind of fish tank is the best to use for improving behavior

All of these betta fish facts were incredibly useful in day to day care with my fish. I’ve looked at many other guides and have not yet seen one that has been this helpful and on point. It gives you all the facts that other sources seemingly don’t want you to know! Why would other guides want to keep potentially life saving information away from us like this? I have no idea, but I’m definitely thankful that this guide exists to shed some light on the issue.



If you were to choose a definitive guide on betta fish care, then I would make a motion to put the Beta Fish Care Guide at the top of that list of nominations. There is no other guide that can even come close to touching it in terms of depth and breadth of information.

If you’re looking to own betta fish or already have some, do you and your fish a huge favor and pick up a copy of this guide. It has revolutionized my approach to taking care of siamese fighting fish.

I’ve now taken the information from what I’ve learned in this guide and used it to help a lot of betta owners in my neighborhood. We have a small club where we meet to compare and tweak methods explained in this guide.

You too can take this information and make a difference in the betta fish owner community by learning about what is in this guide. Get a copy of it today!

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