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Chameleon Care: Best Advice



There’s no question that owning a reptile can be a thrilling experience. These animals are remarkable in many ways. For example, they are cold blooded, which means that they do not have an internal mechanism that regulates their blood temperature.

Reptiles also have a host of other abilities, which include amazing climbing skills, the ability to swim, and more. One of the most noteworthy abilities of any kind of reptile is that of the chameleon.

This creature is able to take in its surroundings and allow its skin to change color so that it can become camouflaged and avoid predators. This defense mechanism has drawn the attention of many animal enthusiasts both far and wide. These lizard pets have recently become trendy as pets in the house. While owning a chameleon can definitely be fun and turn heads, there is no mistake that these animals require hard work and a lot of attention.

I’ve experienced this first hand. I got into the chameleon game without really knowing what was required of me. I was in over my head and needed some advice, so I consulted lots of different guides. However, only one guide really worked for me. This guide, known to some as the Chameleon Care Guide, has some of the best and leading tips and tricks for chameleon care. There is no guide like it. Reading through this guide and following its advice has turned me from a novice chameleon owner to a person who is confident in being a caregiver to these lizard friends. We’ll be doing more reviewing of this guide in a bit, so stay tuned!

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My Journey


Part One: Total Noob

Growing up, I didn’t have any pets. We lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn, New York, and there was barely enough space to fit just our family. After I got out of college, I knew that I wanted to own a pet but didn’t know where to start. I thought that it might be a little too mundane to get something like a cat or a dog. Plus, I was still living in New York, so there wasn’t much space to own an animal like that anyway. I walked into the pet store and some chameleons for sale. I remembered that I had always admired them in textbooks as a kid for their amazing ability to blend into their backgrounds. So, I decided to purchase the chameleon pet.

Boy, was I in for a surprise! I didn’t really notice any difference in behavior because I had nothing to compare to, but my friends who knew chameleons said mine was acting strangely.

So, I decided to look into it. I saw some things that were indicative of some symptoms that my pet was displaying, but I still felt that there was more out there that I didn’t know. I still definitely had unanswered questions.

I was starting to despair that my questions would remain unanswered and that my poor chameleon would suffer and eventually perish. When all hope seemed to be lost, I finally found the thing that made everything else make sense: the Chameleon Care Guide. This guide felt revolutionary to me because it busted many myths and pointed out truths that I had never seen before. Some of these facts included things such as:

  • Creating a suitable environment for your chameleon
  • How to handle your chameleon
  • Chameleons need exactly twelve hours of light a day
  • Identifying your chameleon (Jackson’s vs panther or veiled chameleons)
  • Chameleon prices

These facts and concepts completely turned me onto the right path for chameleon care. One of the things I wasn’t doing properly was making sure my chameleon lighting was correct. I changed this and my chameleon became happy again! I was thrilled. If you want to know some of the other things I learned in this guide, then keep reading down below for the whole scoop!

Chameleon Care Guide Review

Chameleon Care Guide Keeping and Breeding Healthy Chameleons Made Easy

Before I say anything about this guide, I want to tell you that this book lives up to its praise and may even exceed it. However, the only way of truly knowing that is if you check the book out for yourself. Go ahead, what do you have to lose?

The first thing that I noticed about this book is how clear and concise it is. There were a lot of other guides that were tough to read because of a lot of jargon and difficult terminology. However, this book got right to the point and explained things in simple terms. If there was content that was difficult to grasp without a certain base of knowledge, then the book would give you background information first.

In addition to great accessibility for the average reader, the advice in the guide really works. I was so impressed with how many of the things suggested in the guide yielded results so quickly.

Finally, I felt that the guide was very informative, giving facts that many other guides did not report, such as:

  • Signs that will tell you when your chameleon is not healthy
  • Ways to clean the chameleons home properly
  • Foods that are toxic for chameleons

There are more things that I learned from this book that I don’t have the time or space to list here, but I urge you to go check this guide out for yourself, as it will truly blow your mind.



The Chameleon Care Guide is without a doubt a leading source in the world of chameleon care. If you are considering getting a chameleon pet or already have one, this guide is definitely something that you should own. You’ll be relieved time and again when something happens and you can refer to this incredible guide for help. More importantly, you’ll be doing your chameleon a favor by getting a guide that shows you how to treat your pet right.

If you’re still in the dark about caring for chameleons, then this guide will illuminate many things for you. It sure did that for me!

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