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Caring for Crested Geckos: Secrets and Tips


Chances are you may have never heard of the land of “New Caledonia.” This is because it is a French protectorate that is located in the Pacific Islands. This small piece of land in the middle of a huge ocean may seem insignificant on a map, but it is rich in flora and fauna.

Among that fauna is a remarkable creature who was once thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in 1994. This animal is none other than the famed crested gecko. This marvelous lizard has features that are indicative of its ancient dinosaur predecessors. With beady reptile eyes and a sharp looking crest on its head, this small lizard has a fearsome look. Its looks, however, have not been enough to keep it safe – it was placed on a protected species list to keep it from actually going extinct.

This list prohibits people from exporting them, making it seem like it would be somewhat difficult to own this reptile as a gecko pet. However, there are certain permits that exist that allow scientists to be able to do research on and breed a limited number of geckos. This has subsequently lead to an explosion of certain species of these animals. As a result, it is actually one of the most widely owned and bred kinds of geckos in the world, which means that you’ll have no problem getting one if you want.

If you are thinking about getting a crested gecko, then you should definitely be in the know about the commitment and specifics of owning this lizard. It can be hard work and at times a challenge. However, if you have the Crested Gecko Care Guide, then you should have no problem navigating these potential obstacles in providing good care.

I can say this now as an experienced owner of crested geckos. It is no doubt a fun and rewarding experience, but it wasn’t that way all the time for me. Back when I was just getting started with these little guys, I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily, some great online forums recommended that I pick up a copy of this amazing manual. I’m glad I did because it changed everything for me. The best part about this whole deal, however, is not what it did for me, but what it can do for you! It’s easy to get and readily available. As with the custom on this site, I’ll spend some time in this blog post reviewing this guide. Keep on reading down below!

Buy Crested Gecko Care Guide

The Guide and Geckos: My Experience


Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t explain some background information to you. I’ll say one thing up front: I totally thought that I was a lizard guy. I considered myself to be very knowledgeable about many of these four legged reptiles. I even thought that I knew my way around caring for crested geckos.

I had owned several lizards in the past and was fairly confident that taking care of these geckos would be no different than the others. This would explain why I was so surprised when I started seeing adverse symptoms and behaviors with my crested gecko.

I thought that I was doing everything correctly to a tee. I could not have been more gravely mistaken. Of course, it was hard for me to understand and realize then. After a month or two of owning Lucy, my pet gecko, she started to have kinks in her tail. This seemed odd to me, but I ignored it. Then, her pupils seemed to be very dilated. I was starting to get suspicious that something was wrong. Then, I started noticing other skin conditions. I was concerned and didn’t know what to do, so I took to the web to try to seek answers.

I was subsequently sent on a wild goose chase and thrashed about with conflicting opinions on how to address these specific symptoms in my crested gecko. I looked up tons of gecko facts on gecko care but just seemed to get more and more confused.

Then, at rock bottom, in the midst of darkness and despair, a bright light shone down upon me – the Crested Gecko Care Guide. In this holy book of gecko knowledge, I learned things like:

  • What kind of environment is actually healthy for a crested gecko
  • How different crested gecko morphs act in different situations
  • Ways to monitor your pet for signs of illness

The things I listed above are just the beginning. Check out my review of the guide below to get a taste of the depth and usefulness of this guide.

Crested Gecko Care Guide Review

Crested Gecko Secret Manual Crested Gecko Care


When you turn to somebody for advice, you want to make sure that you can be able to trust that person. The author of this guide has over ten years of experience both raising and breeding crested geckos. This person has become a leading source of reliable information and advice for crested gecko owners for many years now. To back everything up, I can assure you that the methods and approaches that the author outlines in this guide actually WORK.

Advice for prospective gecko owners

If you don’t have a crested gecko but might be interested in getting one, don’t feel excluded. This guide is for you too! In it, you’ll learn important pieces of information that will help you choose the right gecko for you, such as:

  • Coloration of gecko by species and which one you should get
  • 7 things to look for when shopping for a crested gecko
  • Things to watch out for if you get a juvenile crested gecko
  • The benefits of having more than one male crested gecko in an enclosure


Did I mention to you how affordable this guide is? You would think that with ten years of experience and countless hours going into preparing this book that you’ll have to pay big bucks to get this manual. You would be wrong. This guide comes with a package deal that is cheap and easy to buy. Plus, when I ordered my copy, they sent me a bunch of other literature for crested gecko care for free. It’s an awesome offer that is just too good to pass up.



Crested geckos are both exotic, fun, and exhilarating to own. If you’re apprehensive about getting one, buying this guide first will help you feel prepared and confident. I truly wish that I would have gotten the chance to read this guide before I picked up my gecko pet!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced owner, there is something in this guide for everyone. Even after owning several copies of this guide for a few years now, I still find myself going back through this guidebook and learning something new every time I open it.

Don’t delay! This handy book is yours for the taking. Your crested gecko will thank you for it!

Buy Crested Gecko Care Guide

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