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Top Tricks for Cricket Breeding



You have probably heard an old saying that goes something like this:

“Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime.”

That old adage rings true in a lot of situations. It basically means that if you can get to the source of production or acquisition, then you don’t have to worry as much about getting a certain thing.

When it comes to feeding your pets, this archaic aphorism still rings true. If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of spending tons of money for food for your pets. If only there was a way to feed your pets without having to purchase pricey food from the pet store…

Well, if you are an owner of a pet such as a gecko or an iguana, then you are in luck. As you know, many of these kinds of pets eat insects. Specifically, they eat crickets.

You can get crickets at the pet store for a modest price, but it adds up to a hefty some at the end of the month. The other problem is that there is not a lot of quality control with crickets from the pet store. There is no way to ensure that they are free of viruses and disease.

It would be a terrible thing to have one of your pets get sick from lousy crickets from the pet store.

Remember that saying that I mentioned at the beginning? “Teach a man to fish….” What if I told you that you could breed crickets on your own?

You would be able to control the quality of the crickets. They would be virus free and not harm your pets. Additionally, you would never have to pay for crickets at the pet store again!

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, guess what…it is true. I’ve done it myself with the help of the handy guide called Crickets Breeding Made Simple. This helpful tutorial gives away some of the secrets that top cricket breeders use in practice every day. Sound interesting? Read on down below for more information and a review of this guide!

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My Cricket Story


My journey as a cricket breeder started with a humble quest to be able to feed my pet bearded dragon and geckos. I was your average pet owner – I took good care of my pets and invested good money to make sure that they were healthy and doing well.

However, in my content life of taking care of my beloved reptiles, something peculiar happened. My local pet store kept raising the price on feeding crickets. It started as a subtle raise at first, but then it kept getting more and more expensive.

I was fed up with these prices but didn’t know what else to do. I researched alternate foods for my pets but found that these pesky little insects were really the best thing that I could give my lizards.

Then, the worst thing possible happened. One of my lizards got really sick. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was so I took him to the vet. The news that my vet gave me was one that surprised me. My lizard had gotten sick from a virus that was most likely contracted from a cricket! How heinous is that. First, you raise the prices of crickets, and then, you don’t even ensure that they are virus free?

My lizard recovered (thankfully), but that didn’t mitigate my rage. I was determined to find a way to not get crickets from this pet store. I was prepared to do a very long drive to another part of town to get the crickets when I stumbled upon the Crickets Breeding Made Simple handbook in an obscure lizard pet care blog.

I decided to give it a shot to see if I really could breed clean and virus free crickets. I followed the instructions carefully, and “voila” – I was running a small cricket farm in no time.

Since I’ve been following the advice in this book, I’ve been able to:

  • Save money by skipping the pet store
  • Not worry about cricket shortages and climbing cricket prices
  • Make a little extra cash by selling feeder crickets to other friends

This is truly the best situation that I could have asked for in terms of feeding my pets. Below, I’ve included a short review of the guide and the things you’ll learn in it. However, don’t just take my word for it; get the guide and try it out for yourself!

Crickets Breeding Made Simple Review

Crickets Breeding Made Simple Easiest Way to Breed Feeder Crickets

Step by step instructions

The thing that I loved best about this guide is that is laid out step by step instructions on how to breed crickets. I was afraid that I was going to get lost in technical terminology and difficult science. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. This guide laid everything out for me in a clear and easy to comprehend manner. I think my kid brother could have done it (he’s twelve).

Informative details

I also loved that this guide got into important details of how to better your craft after you start breeding crickets. It felt like the book taught me how to fly and then quickly showed me how to do sweet maneuvers in the air.

Some of the important things that I learned from this great handbook were:

  • Which types of crickets work best for breeding (house crickets, cricket insects, etc.)
  • Keeping your crickets healthy
  • Ensuring that your crickets are virus free
  • Where to buy the best cricket bugs for breeding
  • The best insulation to block out cricket sounds

These facts help me turn my little cricket farm into a semi lucrative operation. All of my friends who owned lizard pets started buying their crickets from me!



The bottom line is that Crickets Breeding Made Simple is the best for all cricket information. From cricket facts to tips on enclosures and cricket food (mealworms and the like), this guide has it all. I didn’t know a thing about breeding crickets, and now I feel ready to teach just about anyone how to breed crickets.

If you are tired of paying the pet store lots of money for mediocre crickets, then get this guide and start breeding them on your own today. You won’t regret it!

Buy Crickets Breeding Made Simple

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