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Discus Fish Care: Expert Tips


When it comes to owning pets, there is something magical and mysterious about having a fish. Since we are not sea dwelling creatures ourselves, the underwater experience is totally lost on us for the most part. It is a totally different world.

It is truly an amazing thing to be able to peer into that world via having an aquarium in your home. You get to be a part of a hidden world with various sea animals swimming through aquarium plants and supplies.

Some of the most awe inspiring fish to behold are tropical fish. They come in all sorts of different colors, patterns, and arrangements. While being visually impressive, these pet fish are not to be undermined. Caring for these types of fish can be extremely difficult.

I know this first hand because I have owned several discus fish. These creatures live in a very delicate balance, and even minor changes can totally throw off their homeostasis and have a negative impact on their health. I didn’t know this when I got my discus fish and as a result, I watched their health level plummet.

I needed to find answers fast but couldn’t seem to find any useful information about how to care for these fish. Every resource that I checked out seemed to have a different opinion on how one should care for discus fish. Then, something horrible happened. One of my discus fish, Larry, died. After that happened, I was more determined than ever to find out the solution to caring for my pets.

After two more weeks of researching, I finally found the answers I needed in the Discus Fish Care Guide. This amazing guide made all of the murky and confusing things about fish clear to me. I’d recommend it to anyone and I’ll give you a small rundown and review of what it’s all about. Read on to stay tuned!

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My Story as a Fish Owner


Getting Started

Before I get too deep into reviewing this guide, you should know a little bit about me. A lot of people who read reviews for guides assume that the writer of the review is already an expert owner who is just shopping around for advice to see what’s out there. In my case, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Prior to owning my discus fish, I had only had a cat when I was in elementary school. It died after I turned twelve and my family didn’t get another pet. As a result, I was still pretty green with owning pets.

When I turned twenty five, I decided that I wanted to get some kind of pet that was very low maintenance. I figured getting fish was a great way to go. Never could I have been more naive! While fish may be easier to take care of than other kinds of animals, they are still a lot of work. Plus, the startup cost of getting aquarium supplies such as a fish tank (which is a total dilemma in and of itself – there are tons of tanks such as tropical fish tanks or a saltwater fish tank), a fish tank filter, a fish tank stand, and fish food can be steep.

I just got the cheapest of everything, filled up the tank, and plopped my brand new freshwater fish in the aquarium. This seemed to be okay for the first couple of weeks, but after a while, I started to notice some abnormalities in the behavior of my discus fish. There were some that were swimming in odd circle shaped patterns. Yet another one of these fish would just stay put hiding in the pirate’s cove all day.

I knew I needed to act fast and started researching furiously. As I mentioned before, one of those discus fish ended up dying, and I knew I needed help.

A friend who also owns discus fish recommended the Discus Fish Care Guide to me. This turned my world as a fish owner upside down. I realized that all aquarium fish need to be treated differently and that each species has its own special requirements for living a healthy life. I also learned other things in the guide, such as:

  • How many times a day you should feed your fish
  • Where to get the proper food for discus fish
  • The proper tank size and what to put in your tank
  • How many fish you should stock your aquarium with

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the information goes. Read on to find out more information in the review of this guide.

Discus Fish Care Guide Review

Discus Fish Care Handbook

Ease of use

In my opinion, one of the most outstanding characteristics of this guide is that it’s so easy to use. It is laid out in such a way that you can easily navigate the guide based on the problems you are experiencing. I love troubleshooting, and this guide makes it very easy to do something like that.

Easy to understand

I hate when guides use big words without explaining what they mean. This guide does none of that kind of nonsense. Everything is clear and concise. This is very helpful, because in reality, most of us don’t have some kind of doctorate degree on fish health.

Helpful information and facts

This guide has some great facts that help broaden your knowledge of how discus fish operate and behave. Some things I read in the guide I already knew, but other facts were still new to me, such as:

  • Discus fish are shy and tend to hide
  • What other types of fish make good tank mates for discus fish
  • The ideal temperature for your discus fish to thrive in



If I’m being honest, I would say that I would be in some big trouble if it weren’t for the Discus Fish Care Guide. This great literature has taken my knowledge and confidence with discus fish to new heights. I hate to think about it like this, but I think my other discus fish might be dead or in critical condition if I hadn’t read this guide.

If you’re looking to own discus fish or already have some, then this guide is truly an essential resource for you. You’ll find out all sorts of things that you didn’t know before about these creatures. Make sure that you get your copy of this guide today!

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