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Leopard Geckos: Best Tips for Care


The highlands of Asia are a particularly mysterious place. The barren conditions and remote nature of the region make it one that is not often visited by tourists. However, this place is home to some very interesting wildlife.

One such animal that has become more well known to the Western world is the leopard gecko. This creature is a reptile, but unlike other geckos, it has the distinguishing feature of possessing eyelids. In addition, it is limited in its mobility as it cannot climb up smooth surfaces like other geckos can.

These unique attributes, paired with the leopard gecko’s decorative non bumpy skin pattern, have made it a very common pet to own at home. They also have other qualities that make them fascinating creatures. For example, they can detach their tail from themselves in order to escape from predators. This is called caudal autotomy.

Owning a lizard as a pet can be a fun filled experience. There is nothing like having a reptile as a pal in your room. These creatures operate very differently from us; as a result, it is easy to find yourself spending hours observing these animals.

Of course, owning a lizard such as the leopard gecko can be hard work as well. They require a lot of attention and specific care in order to live a long and healthy life. It can sometimes be hard to comprehend this if you have only owned a common domestic animal such as a dog or a cat.

However, I am confident that you can learn the tricks of the trade pretty quickly. I was once in your spot, but now I am an experienced leopard gecko owner. You may ask exactly how I got to be such an expert on the issue.

The answer is not as crazy or difficult as you may think. Almost all of the information and tips I got for taking care of leopard geckos I learned from the Leopard Gecko Care Guide. Through reading this in depth how to on taking care of leopard geckos, I was able to turn knowledge into experience and wisdom in the art of leopard gecko rearing.

You can be in the know too if you are looking to get a leopard gecko. In the tradition of this site, I’ll be giving a review of this guide in this article, so stay tuned to learn more about this great guide!

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From Chump to Champ: Humble Pet-Owning Beginnings


As I said before, I did not start owning a leopard gecko as a gecko expert. Like most people, I had a dog growing up, so I knew what it was like to at least have an animal in the house. I was, however, always fascinated by reptiles. I found myself trying to dig up all of the nature documentaries I could just so I could see lizards in their natural habitats.

After graduating college and getting a steady job, I felt that it was time for me to get a lizard as a pet. I walked into the pet store and saw that hey had leopard geckos for sale. I knew right away that those reptiles were the ones for me.

I got one right then and there and brought him home, excited at the prospect of a new gecko pet. Everything seemed fine for the first few weeks until I noticed some interesting behaviors and symptoms. I knew that something was not quite right. However, I wasn’t sure how I could fix the situation.

So, I started doing research on my leopard gecko’s symptoms. I came up with a large amount of advice that seemed to come from pretty much every standpoint that exists. I didn’t have enough knowledge to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Luckily, I came across the Leopard Gecko Care Guide at the right time. I knew I could trust the advice from this guide because the writer was a leopard gecko expert who had dealt with these animals for over thirty years.

If anyone is looking for a definitive method for taking care of your gecko friends, look no further than this guide. Below, I’ve provided a small review of the things you have to look forward to if you get this handbook. Some of the things you’ll learn are:

  • How the surroundings affect your leopard gecko’s lifespan
  • What to leopard geckos eat
  • How common advice on care might actually be harmful to your pet

Leopard Gecko Care Review

Save Your Leopard Gecko Leopard Gecko Care


One of the things I appreciate most about this book is that anybody can understand it. It’s perfect for even beginners (like myself) who don’t know a lot about taking care of lizards in general. The other thing that is great about this guide is that it has whole “myth busting” section where it dismantles several false notions about how to care for leopard geckos.

Finally, there is a host of great leopard gecko pictures that allow you to identify some visual symptoms that your leopard gecko might be experiencing. These pictures were the ones that saved me and my gecko from an expensive trip to the vet.


I’m still in shock about how affordable this thing is. I figured with thirty years of experience, an author of a book like this would charge hundreds of dollars for this kind of work. However, it is way less than that. I essentially paid twenty dollars to learn things like:

  • Which enclosures are best for leopard geckos
  • Basic concepts of leopard gecko breeding
  • Why fine sand is a fatal mistake for many first time leopard gecko owners
  • The perfect diet for your little friend

The value of this informative and easy to read guide is worth way more than the actual sticker price. It’s such a steal that you really have nothing to lose by getting it.



I must admit that before I got the Leopard Gecko Care Guide, I was in a pretty bad spot with my little lizard pal. I was afraid that I would lose him and that it would be all my fault. However, thanks to this amazing piece of literature, I found out exactly how to fix the mistakes that I had been making in taking care of my pet leopard gecko.

Things have never been better, and I’ve also acquired the confidence to buy a few more of these cute animals. If you are looking to get the same confidence and knowledge I have, then don’t waste one more second and grab a copy of this guide. You’ll be glad that you took my advice!

Buy Leopard Gecko Care Guide

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