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Rabbit Care: Top Tips and Advice



Let’s play a quick game. What’s furry, curious, downright adorable, and one of the cutest and best animals that you can own as a pet? You guessed it! A pet rabbit. Some people call them by the aforementioned moniker, and still others know them by the affectionate title of ‘bunny.’ Whatever way you want to think about these cuddly little friends, you can know how unmistakably cute these guys are.

In my lifetime, I have owned several rabbits as pets. As much as I love these animals, bunny pet care is by no means a walk in the park. It is hard work! One of the most important things that you need to do is to make sure you are building trust with your animal friend. Pet rabbit care is a part of building that trust, and trust me, it is challenging. I’ve done a lot of research on the matter and checked out several guides that all tout their different approaches on how to take care of baby or adult bunnies as pets. However, the best guide that I have found without a doubt is one that I found within the past year. I was having a difficult time connecting with my pet rabbit. However, the Rabbit Care Guide has helped me immensely. It’s chock full of extremely pertinent rabbit information that will blow your mind!

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My Story


In terms of being a pet owner, chances are more likely than not that I am similar to you. I have a fast paced life at a job in my career field. It’s stressful (in a good way), and I find that the best way for me to cool off after a long day or week of working is to spend time with my pets. Particularly, I love spending time with my pet rabbit.

For the last few years, hanging out with rabbits has become a passion of mine. I first got into it when one of my friends in college got one in her apartment. I was so enthralled by how cute and laid back these little guys are that I resolved right then and there that I would become a bunny owner. Since then, I’ve owned multiple rabbits. My relationship with these pets has been great for the most part. However, I felt that when I would come home from work and spend time with my bunny, I would have a difficult time really connecting with him or her.

Sometimes, my furry friend would seem uneasy when being held or even petted. I wasn’t sure if this was because of a health issue or if it was because there was a lack of trust between the two of us. This was discouraging to me because I viewed my connection with these animals as something that was therapeutic for me. I knew that I had to do something or gain more knowledge in order to help both myself and my rabbits.

For a long time, I toiled in vain. Many books that I read talked about training rabbits with all different kinds of supplies for sale ranging from little exercise machines to rabbit pellets and other bunny or rabbit food. After exhausting all of these methods, I found it very frustrating that nothing seemed to work.

However, when I stumbled upon Rabbit Care Guide, I felt like a veil or a shroud had been lifted from my eyes. There were so many issues that this guide addressed that I had never thought about before. Additionally, there were answers to questions that I had been asking for years! After purchasing and reading this incredible piece of informative literature, I found out about such things as:

  • The importance of building trust with your rabbit
  • How to recognize if your rabbit might be afraid of you or someone else in your home
  • How to supervise children who are around rabbits
  • How rabbit breeds (i.e. dwarf rabbits or other domestic rabbit breeds) can affect the behavior and personality of the bunny
  • SO much more

After implementing the knowledge that I gleaned from this amazing guide, I feel like my ability to care for my rabbits has taken off to the next level.

My Review of Rabbit Care Guide


As I mentioned before, this handy guide opened my eyes to a wealth of facts and useful opinions from some experienced rabbit owners. Consequently, I have radically changed my approach to rabbit care in accordance with some of the things I learned in this guide.

A major issue that many folks often ignore when caring for their rabbit is the housing of the animal. F0r example, the housing of your rabbit is an incredibly crucial part to the animals upbringing. This pertinent factor can often be overlooked by even some of the finest and most experienced owners.

Your rabbit house should give your cuddly friend plenty of room to roam, even if it is an indoor rabbit cage. This is a must for providing adequate space for your pet to get exercise. Allowing your pet to get exercise can do wonders for the mental health of the animal and also aid you in building trust with it.

If you have the ability to do so on your property, you could also look into outdoor rabbit care to give your bunny maximum space to live naturally. Of course, the outdoor climate must be accommodating for you pet. However, if you have the right circumstances, learning how to care for a rabbit outdoors can build a strong bond between the two of you.



I have no doubt in my mind that if you are reading this, you are someone who cares about the well being of your pet. You want the best for your rabbit, and we do too. In other words, we’re on the same team here.

After reading and using what I have learned from the Rabbit Care Guide, I am completely positive that getting it will both revolutionize and revitalize the relationship that you have with your bunny.

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